Client Testimonials

We were really pleased with your involvement in the Day Centre project. It was really useful to have you as an independent facilitator for the workshops and subsequent working groups –and I think your approach was pitched perfectly in facilitating the discussion, introducing challenge and keeping us all focused. The models you produced have given us the required focus and I am pleased to say that the project has gone forward as we have Member approval to enter into a 2-year agreement with a specific provider – and we are busy working on both the operational details and governance structures for these.

On a personal level, I found your support invaluable as we ran past you our ideas and options and teased out whether and how things could possibly work – and also in making some of those hard choices. Chief Housing Officer, Housing Department, District Council

Stephen has been a kind, insightful and considerate facilitator, with a good level of understanding of the issues and pressures presented by AL set members. His friendly but unassuming personality created an appropraite ambience for this approach. National Development Lead/formerlyCEO, Charity supporting women through a network of Women’s Centres

Stephen was a fantastic facilitator. In the early sessions he was pretty directive, gave us a fair amount of theoretical input and offered reflections on what was happening in the group. This was really important otherwise we would have floundered and wondered what was happening. In later sessions he subtly moderated his input and was less directive of the process. This worked really well and, I thought, was beautifully handled. Director, City Centre Community Centre providing support to a range of people with mutiple needs

Very open, trusting, gentle but firm questioning technique! I responded well to this as encouraging but probed when needed. Head of Policy, national housing/homelessness member organisation

Stephen is a skilled and knowledgeable tutor and facilitator. He has a background of practical experience on the operational as well as governance side of third sector organisations, as well as in training and facilitation. He led the sessions in a way that was instructive, mature and helpful. His guidance, prompts, and stimulation of discussion helped the learning process. He is also wise and perceptive. CEO, Charity and social enterprise providing outreach, rehabilitation, training and employment to people with housing, alcohol and mental health issues

Reminded me of my early years training so very comfortable with it. Stephen brought gravitas and control to the process in ways that maximised opportunity for all. Manager, charity supporting young women at risk

I think a lot of Stephen’s observations were very perceptive and his approach as a fellow who shared experience as a peer, at the same time as someone with the external objectivity to ask searching questions was very impressive and helpful. Project Coordinator, national agency providing a support network independent advice centres