How we work with you

There are principles for working together that are important in achieving sustainable outcomes from the consulting engagement:

  • Co-design: working with the client team to design the project and the approach to the issue or deliverable – strategy development and implementation, ‘change’, new ways of working, behaviours or new technology being rolled out
  • Focusing on outcomes: envisioning what will be happening if the intervention is successful – what would they be seeing? Creating this picture and the transition steps to achieve it, through participation and engagement approaches
  • People implement what they help to plan: planning the implementation strategy with the client and particularly those with a stake in the implementation
  • Identifying and taking ‘supporters’ on the journey: finding the key people who are supportive and have energy for this, who will positively influence others
  • Create a narrative based on real stories:  articulate and illustrate the  journey of change
  • Building from strengths and where there is energy: using appreciative inquiry to build on ‘what’s best and brings life’ to the organisation, to engage in developing a positive culture and dealing with complexity and conflicting views in a productive, constructive way

Applying these principles to support sustainable change

Applying these principles allows us to explore processes that support sustainable change in organisations that achieve results: 

approach_to_changeCopyright Stephen Moss, Greener Moss Ltd


In the video showing below, Stephen can be seen working closely with a ‘graphic facilitator’ to develop the visual narrative and capture of a presentation given at an international conference (see for more on what we did).