Developing a positive organisation – approach

Essentially, we help you and the people involved in your organisation to take stock of where you are and think about where you are trying to go. We look at how you can build on your strengths and the best ways to manage changes you are encountering – planned or imposed.

Where there is a collaborative, inclusive, engaging work environment, innovation flourishes, commitment to shared goals and organisation is high and dealing constructively with problems and challenges has greater potential to lead to successful outcomes.

Stephen’s approach: “I’m a change specialist with over 25 years experience consistently applying inquiry and dialogue approaches such as Collaborative and Appreciative Inquiry, Action Learning & Research, Rich Picture visualisation and Storytelling to change, improvement and organisation development programmes across local and central government and the private sector. These approaches have been crucial to achieving engagement, commitment and changes to culture, behaviours and ways of working.” This leads to better team work and collaboration, shared purpose and direction, greater confidence in achieving your goals, organisation effectiveness and enhanced employee and other stakeholders’ engagement with your business.