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1904, 2017

Joanna Procter Applied Theatre

April 2017

Joanna continues to develop and grow applied theatre as a practice. More on this can found at www.revealproductions.co.uk. Joanna and Stephen have worked more together in 2015 and 2016 and see more opportunities to develop creative and organisational capabilities combining through creative approaches to rehabilitation and linking community based performance to social action, organisational and personal development.

September 2016

Joanna: “I have just set up Reve(a)l Productions CIC. My aim is to support the growth and development of people who are marginalized/disadvantaged using Applied Theatre and putting on devised ‘Shows with Meaning’ in local community settings. We will work flexibly on a range of projects and funding. Audiences may be small and connected to the performers or in a wider setting – the performances bring a message to the audience that is critical to the development of the performers in changing their lives or the lives of others

I am focusing on developing two projects currently. I […]

1401, 2015

Commissioning in health and social care: Action Learning as a process to support leaders dealing with complexity and change

Posted by Stephen on January 13, 2015 on  Action Learning Associates Blog

Reflecting on the current winter crisis in the NHS, manifesting in ‘critical incidents’ being declared by a number of Hospital Trusts, I was reminded how complex ‘leading’ in the NHS has become. The focus of this article is on how action learning can provide a powerful process to support NHS commissioners as they grapple with complexity, change and difficult choices.

Dealing with complexity and change in NHS commissioning

Working in 2014 with a number of Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) leaders on strategy development and service model design, I could see the real challenges of prioritising resources today with the need to implement whole system change over the next five years in order avoid the kind of crises we are hearing about this winter. Whilst grappling with budget limitations and in some cases inherited deficits, CCGs’ own resources are limited. CCG leaders are stretched, working across portfolios and are […]

1911, 2014

Models of action learning supporting business change projects

At a recent session of Action Learning Facilitators Forum (ALF) I ran a session on project-based action learning which examined how action learning can be integral to a business change programme (see previous blog “What comes first, the project or the Set?”) The second part of our workshop explored two models of action learning that can be used as integral to a business change programme and which supports delivery of change projects.  Groups explored the models concentrating on the following questions: What are the strengths of each model? What questions do they raise about the application of action learning? What’s the role of the ‘facilitator’?

My blog on this was published by my colleagues at Action Learning Associates and can be found Here

1911, 2014

“What comes first, the project or the set?” – project-focused action learning

I recently ran a session on project-based action learning for the Action Learning Facilitators Forum (ALF) with some 20 people.  We had a lively dialogue about how to construct a learning process around complex change projects, and how action learning can be integral to a business change programme. My blog on this was published by my colleagues at Action Learning Associates and can be found Here.

505, 2014

Staff development day, Kids Company Bristol 2014

Joanna and Stephen worked together to deliver a staff development process and day for Kids Company in Bristol, based on the idea of creating a ‘positive organisation’ that supports intensive educational and therapeutic services for children and young people. “The structure of the day was perfect, the right balance of input and activity, consequently the day was well paced, informing and inspiring. Our aim was to create a cohesive staff group, who would move onwards and upwards as one community, despite being spread out over five sites. Following the day the community spirit is certainly there and the energy among the staff is positive and forward looking. I can certainly recommend Stephen and Joanna to organise and facilitate training days.” Esther Keller, Director for Services for KidsCompany in Bristol.

We were able to bring together organisation development methods such as appreciative inquiry and ‘world cafe’ with creative tools in group work, visualisation and singing. The idea of a the […]

1903, 2014


During 2012-13 Stephen worked with  Ofgem E-Serve to deliver 15  workshops on matrix working; he teamed up with his longstanding colleague Jeff Austin at JVM Consultants to do this. See Jeff here.

Stephen worked with the wonderful Dr Bill Prensky Meet Bill here and see CNDG here and Brad Wilkinson, both in the USA. Our client has been Pfizer Animal Health – now Zoetis –  and he has been working with Bill and Brad to design two strategy implementation and community events. Working with some highly experienced vetinarians has been really interesting. We went through visioning sessions and world cafe and deep dive methods to enable the client teams to to develop plans they own.  Stephen largely worked virtually with Bill and Brad, as well as co-facilitating one of the events in Portland Oregon. Great people to work with and he enjoyed working together virtually. This is a good example of Stephen bringing his creativity and workshop design skills into play […]

602, 2014

Welcome to Greener Moss

Welcome to Greener Moss. Our site is evolving and your comments and interest are appreciated. Please see our other pages for information about us and what we do.


Stephen Moss

Joanna Procter

also see Joanna at work at Reve(a)l Productions CIC

1911, 2013

Complex Case Management

Stephen has been working in the field of  ‘complex case management’ in social care, managing cases through HfH Healthcare; “this work is very much going back to my roots in social care and is also giving me increased insights into the way services are put together where there are multiple and complex needs involved.”