Joanna is co-founder of World Stages Now with Wendy Arrowsmith

World Stages Now provide opportunities for adults and young people from all walks of life to explore drama as a tool for action, empowerment and development, both as an individual and in wider communities.

Stephen is a trustee with the following charities

ABandOfBrothers                                                             Immediate Theatre

Stephen works as a trustee and volunteer with 2 Youth Charities: See News and Views for more and please do look at their websites – are there ways you can support these organisations, particularly with volunteering, referring young people and funding (ABandOfBrothers) or projects, funding and sponsorship (Immediate Theatre)? They are working with marginalised and disaffected youth in authentic and imaginative ways.

 Stephen works as an organisational consultant and is an associate with the following consulting groups

Action Learning Associates

Need a way to improve performance, promote learning, and position your organisation or business to adapt better in turbulent times? Looking for a personal or organisational development tool to build new competences, find alternative solutions to challenges, and test out new ways of thinking? Action learning could be the answer.

JVM helps create successful organisations, places and communities. Working across public, private and third sectors we offer expertise in economic development, employment and skills, health, regeneration, planning and development, social infrastructure, housing and neighbourhoods, community consultation and engagement,community and third sector development, stakeholder analysis and funding strategies . JVM offers extensive management consultancy expertise in new delivery arrangements, procurement, market analyses and business development, project and programme management, change management, service improvement, capacity building and organisational development. Stephen is an Associate Director with JVM.

Stephen is an associate with the following consulting groups:

AllChange – where strategy development and use of Rich Big pictures come together to support and enable engagement and change in organisations

RedQuadrant – now the leading consulting group in the local authority sector, bringing collaborative and lean approaches to transformation of services to local communities

CNDG – a world leader in creating virtual learning and collaborative environments in Second Life; supporting the ‘change journey’ through face-to-face events, virtual meetings and creating interactive iBook narratives

The Future Work Institute – a leader in Diversity and Inclusion consulting to global companies and research into the workforce of tomorrow

Stephen works in the social care field as a specialist case manager where there is a mental health element or challenging transitions for individuals, their families and clinical/care teams

HfH – Experts in care

Stephen undertakes his case management work through HfH Case Management.  He is a non-executive director with HfH Homecare Ltd, and has been associated with the company as an advisor before that. He first worked with Jane James, MD of the HfH Group in the 80s when Stephen managed a community mental health service and Jane managed the Hospital Discharge Service in the London Borough of Lambeth.. They worked closely together to set up a pioneering service to support vulnerable people with mental health issues living in the community, coming out of psychiatric hospital or homeless and in temporary accommodation in the borough.  HfH offers Homecare, Healthcare (Nursing in the home), expert witness services (through HfH Consulting) and Case management services.